The founders of Lxndscxpe were looking for a way to inspire people, under a project bringing together their passions and love for the wonders of the world. They wanted to create a product that would ultimately become part of people's daily lives and have a positive influence on them.

Therefore, they decided to target a determining aspect in the lives of many people, namely motivation at work. Lxndscxpe members believe that the work environment around us can influence our performance at work when it is properly optimized.

Conversely, now imagine Alexandra (fictitious person) placing an object in her office that evokes sadness or anger. Take, for example, a photo of his neighbor who likes to mow his lawn a lot on Saturday nights. Those emotions that she will experience each time her eyes meet this stimulus will have a negative impact on her mind in the long run.

By surrounding ourselves with elements that rather evoke positive emotions in us, we take advantage of the environment. We decide to put all the chances on our side in order to surpass ourselves and face the challenges that await us. To surpass oneself in a healthy spirit is what the foundations of the company are based on.

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